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Life is fragile and short... Appreciate the time you spend with your family and friends!


生命係脆弱同短暫... 珍惜與家人同朋友共度嘅時光!


• Premium Cold Press Bright Paper 330G

• Print without border

• Unframed

• Limited edition prints are signed and numbered

All works come in 3 sizes with a total Limited Edition of 100.

Available Size

• 40x40cm (Limited Edition of 20)

• 20x20cm (Limited Edition of 40)

• 28x28cm (Limited Edition of 40)

* Prices are in $HKD

*All orders are “made-to-order”, take approx 7-10 working days to produce.




*For Local Orders, SF Express or Local Courier, delivery time takes approx 2-3 days after dispatch.

*For International Orders, EMS or DHL, delivery time might vary depends on the destination.

Christmas Butterfly (2021)

PriceFrom HK$1,100.00

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