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Miloza Ma is an illustrator and toy designer, she is a diversified creator. Solo Exhibitions included《Axis Of Life》,《Cosmic Spirit》&《Ribbon Lady》. She published her Zine series including 《Axis Of Life》,《The Stargazing Kids》and《Ribbon Lady -Escaping Wonderland》. She was selected as one of the illustrators of the 《comiX eXchange - Comic X Cross-Media Creative Exhibition Series 5》 and was invited by Hong Kong Art Centre to participate in 《PLAY! Hong Kong Comix Touring Exhibition Helsinki (Finland) Station》. In July 2017, Joint Publishing published her first illustration story book《The Life of Empty Life》.

When the girl sees the world like blossom flowers, her heart starts turning to the beauty of the universe.
When humans understand the nature of the soul, this can connect to the core of inner self.

After realising the meaning of life, this would create an ultimate power which can connect all the particles in the world, and heal your soul.
Miloza hopes that she can use her power to influence the people around her, and boost her own energy as well.

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