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2CHOEY is a Thai artist based in Bangkok, Thailand. He studied in Urban Architecture in the faculty of architecture, began his career as an art director in advertising agencies before getting into the art world.His signature characters ‘Fingies’ reinterprets pop culture icons within the framework of hands, fists and fingers in his playful and very unique style.

The artist famously won the AirAsia competition to design the artwork “Yak Cute” that was painted onto the outside of one of their flagship A320-200’s. Having lived and worked in Melbourne, and his colourful pop-art inspired work has been an instant hit within the Melbourne art scene, with all of his works selling in the many group exhibitions he has been in.

“Raise Hands” in the air is an interesting action, there are many meanings behind it. This is a simple action that everyone does and knows in their life. We called it “Hands Up”. It could be surrender or signify assent. On the other hand, it could be participation, want or against something.

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