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Contemporary Artist Mr.Likey from New York keen on playing with the concept of painting within a painting. Mr.Likey displays his signature style of blending street art aesthetics with cartoon and playful elements in his art pieces. These unique art pieces comprised a mix of cartoon characters. With the worldview from different background, showing audiences to feel the beautiful implication with cultural symbolic meaning behind it and create mutual harmony.

Growing up in the United States, Mr. Likey received his Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of the Arts and his work was awarded the 「Gold Key Art Award」. Influenced by cartoons and street culture in the US, Mr. Likey is famous for his exceptional ability to recreate new art pieces with pop cultural symbols. Mr. Likey has participated in numerous exhibitions in New York, Melbourne, and Shanghai. He also did his solo exhibition in Hong Kong, Taipei and Philippines before. More than that, he was invited to be the artist featuring in Shanghai’s <Innersect> expo and has his own column in KIKS magazine.

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