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Alfred Cheng "City Faces" Solo Exhibition at 13a New Street Art Gallery

Date: 25/2/2021, Thursday
*VIP preview and Reception 3-9pm*
*By appointment only*
*Please RSVP*

Exhibition Period - Open to public
Date: 26/2/2021 - 7/3/2021
Time: 12-7pm
(Closed on Mondays)

Some highlights of the show🥂:
- A total of 30 artworks will be showcased around 2 themes: Classic roles in movies & Emoji😊👿

Cheng takes a single thread of yarn over 5,000 meters long and weaves it by hand around a circular wooden canvas frame made up of around 300 to 600 metal nails to create hyper-realistic masterpieces.

Articks_Alfred Cheng_invitation.jpg
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